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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2016

A common point of contention in society is that of supporting the clergy and the temple financially. Frequently one hears the opinion that the Church should provide everything completely...
Где купить What is the Priest to Live On? На английском языке:
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2016

Is there any point in submission without love? What is God's plan for the submission of wives to their husbands? And Who is the head of the husband? The apostle Paul teaches that Je...
Где купить Women in the Church: Submission or Equality? англ.:
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2015

For many beginning believers, remaining attentive throughout the church service is no easy task. Numerous thoughts overcome the worshipper, forcing him to remain amid earthly cares. This...
Где купить Christian Mystery. The Order of Divine Services with Commentary for Beginners. На английском языке (Priest Daniel Sysoev):
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2014

In this day and age people in the Orthodox Church have forgotten in Whose name they received the sacrament of baptism, and before Whom they will be called to account. The Lord's obl...
Где купить Why Go to Church Every Sunday? На английском языке (Priest Daniel Sysoev):
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2016

The gift of eloquence is not given to everyone, and there are very few who have mastered the art of producing a homily that nourishes the mind of the listener and fills him with divine t...
Где купить Homilies. На английском языке (Priest Daniel Sysoev):
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2014

Know your enemy, it is said. The passions and those who help them take root are the seed of the devil. The fight against this seed lasts one's whole life, and only he who turns to G...
Где купить Talks on the Passions. На английском языке (Priest Daniel Sysoev):
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2015

Children's Prayer Book. This prayer book is intended for independent use by children ages 5-12. Compiled by Nina Krivko.
Где купить Children’s Prayer Book. На английском языке:
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2014

How often young men and women, when choosing their companion for life, think his or her faith to be of no importance! "We love each other, and he (or she) doesn't mind that I g...
Где купить Marriage to a Nonbeliever? На английском языке (Priest Daniel Sysoev):
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2016

Every Christian gives thought to the question of how often one should commune. In asking the advice of various priests, one may hear opinions that discourage frequent communion by the la...
Где купить How Often Should One Commune? На английском языке (Priest Daniel Sysoev, Deacon Georgiy Maximov):
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Издательство "Paulsen", 2015

This is the first Guide to The State Tretyakov Gallery collections of modem art. The articles written by the researchers of the Department of Modern Art contain descriptions of the most ...
Где купить The State Tretyakov Gallery At Krymsky Val. A Guide to Russian Art of the 20th Century:
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Издательство "Миссионерский центр им. иерея Даниила Сысоева", 2014

Truth can endure no falsehood, and herself finds those who seek her. But there is one condition: one must reject one's own opinion and prefer the Lord's, and seek not oneself, ...
Где купить A Protestant`s walk through an orthodox church (Priest Daniel Sysoev):
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Издательство "Daniel Sysoev Inc.", 2016

This new edition of The Law of God will serve for the enrichment of catechists and professors of various schools. Many textbooks, including the venerable work by Archpriest Seraphim Slob...
Где купить The Law of God. An Introduction to Orthodox Christianity. На английском языке (Priest Daniel Sysoev):
The Perfect Nanny. How to choose one and how to succeed in being one

Серия "KRASOTA. Этикет XXI века"
Издательство "Эксмо", 2017

The author of «The Perfect Nanny» is not expecting flower showers and accolades. Moreover, she is ready to hear criticism and experience mudslinging. This happens often when the book touches on painful or forbidden subjects. The topic of relationships...
Где купить The Perfect Nanny. How to choose one and how to succeed in being one (Rose Nastasia):
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Издательство "Quercus", 2017

Shostakovich's Seventh Symphony was first played in the city of its birth on 9 August, 1942. There has never been a first performance to match it. Pray God, there never will be again...
Где купить Leningrad: Siege and Symphony:
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Издательство "Альфа Колор", 2010

Альбом-сувенир рассказывает о Санкт-Петербурге, его достопримечательностях. Альбом богато иллюстрирован фотографиями. На английском языке.
Где купить Saint Petersburg (Альбедиль Маргарита Федоровна):
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Серия "Для студентов и преподавателей"
Издательство "Учитель", 2017

Though the researchers of the theory of long and medium-term cycles are certainly worried about the economic situation, they understand that the cyclicity still remains an inevitable att...
Где купить Kondratieff Waves. Cycles, Crises, and Forecasts (Grinin Leonid E.):
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Издательство "Центр книги Рудомино", 2017

A.S. Pushkin, the great Russian poet, once wrote, 'I think we shall never give the people anything better than the Scriptures ... Religion has created all the great works of art and...
Где купить Through Each Others Eyes. Religion and Literature:
Donald Trump. How to Get Rich

Издательство "Random House", 2017

Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story, a billionaire with interests in property, sports and entertainment, and soon to be the 45th President of the United S...
Где купить Donald Trump: How to Get Rich:
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Издательство "Pegasus Toy-Kraft", 2017

Depicting the grand world of Nicholas and Alexandra Romanov--from their imperial palaces, costume balls and gowns, to jewels and Faberge objets d'art, and the magical meadows and fo...
Где купить Vanished Splendor. The Colorful World of the Romanovs:
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Издательство "Интернациональный Союз писателей", 2017

The book "Confession of a Toastmaster" can be considered the guide of the Fates, Names, unique Cultures of the multinational Russian Soul at the meeting-point of the author's...
Где купить Confession of a Toastmaster:

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