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Издательство "V&A", 2014, 144 стр.

The Art Nouveau movement overlapped with late Arts and Crafts in the 1890s and early modernism in the 1910s, combining the exquisite workmanship and natural forms of the former with the ...
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Издательство "V&A", 2014, 248 стр.

A revealing look at the fashion revolution of the 1960s and '70s through the groundbreaking, hip, and now-legendary London emporium Biba, this book looks at "the most beautiful store in ...
Где купить книгу The Biba Years 1963 1975 (Barbara Hulanicki):

Издательство "V&A", 2014, 32 стр.

This delightful colouring book brings one of the V&A's favourite collections into your home. Drawn by Emily Sutton, illustrator of the best-selling Clara Button books, each page is based...
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Издательство "V&A", 2014, 100 стр.

These beautiful postcards have been selected from the bestselling V&A Pattern titles. Drawing on designs intended for textiles, wallpaper, fashion and furnishing, this richly varied collecti...
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Love Of My Life + 4 CD (+ CD-ROM)

Издательство "Edel", 2008

Jazz is his great passion: Siggi Loch, formerly one of the biggest international record bosses, now head of the ACT label, has been the companion of many noted stars. And he has often been closer to these musicians than professional photographers...
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Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2014, 144 стр.

Dream Cars presents some of the world's most breathtaking American and European concept cars conceived between 1933 and 2001-a series of visionary designs that influenced the automotive industry and challen...
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Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2014, 240 стр.

Innovative tastemakers from the worlds of interior design, architecture, fashion, and art open their doors to show us how to fill our homes with personal flair. Heart and Home: Rooms That Tell Stories o...
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Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2014, 224 стр.

A passion for luxury and beauty propels the multifaceted work of acclaimed international architect and interior designer Robert Couturier. Robert Couturier's aesthetic is a dialogue betw...
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Издательство "Phaidon", 2014, 320 стр.

Featuring 125 seminal cookbooks from the last 100 years, COOKBOOK BOOK is a celebration of the world's most beautiful, influential and informative cookbooks.
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Издательство "Insight", 2014, 192 стр.

One of the most beloved game series of all time, The Elder Scrolls is cherished for its immersive open worlds, richly detailed lore, and striking aesthetics. The Elder Scrolls(R) Online ...
Где купить книгу Elder Scrolls Online Ruled Journal:

Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2014, 256 стр.

A treasure trove of never-before-seen playfully erotic photos of legendary pinup girl and style icon Bettie Page, from cult pinup photographer Bunny Yeager. Bunny Yeager has long been cr...
Где купить книгу Bettie Page. Queen of Curves (Petra Mason):

Издательство "Penguin Books Ltd", 2014, 176 стр.

"This book is a record of what has moved me between Uxbridge and Dagenham. My hope is that it moves you, too." Nairn's London is an idiosyncratic, poetic and intensely subjective meditation on a city an...
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Издательство "Penguin Books Ltd", 2014, 240 стр.

When do police helicopters catch criminals? Which borough of London is the happiest? Is "czesc" becoming a more common greeting than "salaam"? Geographer James Cheshire and designer Oliv...
Где купить книгу London. The Information Capital:
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Серия "Doctor Who"
Издательство "Penguin Books Ltd", 2014, 60 стр.

The Official 2015 Doctor Who Annual is packed with essential info on the brand-new Twelfth Doctor, secrets from series 8, terrifying monster fact files, spooky stories, comic action, activities and puzzles. It's the perfect Christmas gift for all Whovians!
Где купить книгу Doctor Who Official Annual 2015:

Издательство "V&A", 2014, 336 стр.

Published to accompany a headline exhibition at the V&A, this book is the definitive celebration of the extraordinary photographic career of Horst P. Horst. One of Vogue's most prolific an...
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Издательство "Dorling Kindersley", 2014, 208 стр.

Go behind the scenes and relive 100 iconic moments from Star Wars[trademark], episode I-VI. Join Luke Skywalker as he battles with the dark side, watch as Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth ...
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Издательство "Dorling Kindersley", 2014, 400 стр.

A treasure trove of human creativity from around the world. History of the World in 1000 Objects takes a fresh look at world history, viewing cultures and early civilizations through the...
Где купить книгу History of the World in 1000 objects (Kindersley Dorling):

Издательство "Taschen", 2014, 162 стр.

In the 1930s, the legendary City of Cinema moved from the silent era to the talking picture. It was a decade of pomp and excess in the motion picture capital, of glorious stardom and meg...
Где купить книгу Hollywood in the 30s (Daniel Kothenschulte):

Издательство "Taschen", 2014, 16 стр.

This inspiring print set offers sixteen designs to transform a blank wall into a personalized display. Each set of sixteen images has been specially selected from the TASCHEN collection as the most l...
Где купить книгу Grimm Fairy Tales:

Издательство "Taschen", 2014, 16 стр.

This inspiring print set offers sixteen designs to transform a blank wall into a personalized display. Each set of sixteen images has been specially selected from the TASCHEN collection as the ...
Где купить книгу Matisse Cut-Outs Poster:

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