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Издательство "Prestel USA", 2014, 208 стр.

This beautiful book looks at Robert Capa's color photography, a little-known but important aspect of the great photographer's work, and includes many never-before-published images. Famed photojournalist ...
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Издательство "Prestel USA", 2014, 224 стр.

Together, these striking images create the ultimate style guide for anyone who pedals their way through the Big Apple. America may be a nation obsessed with automobiles, but today the bicycle is gi...
Где купить книгу New York Bike Style:

Издательство "Prestel USA", 2014, 320 стр.

This massive retrospective volume profiles the work of Philippe Halsman, one of the world's most revered photographers. Salvador Dali's flamboyant moustache, Richard Nixon jumping in the...
Где купить книгу Philippe Halsman. Astonish Me!:

Издательство "Prestel USA", 2014, 160 стр.

Marking the centenary of William S. Burroughs's birth, this exciting book reproduces the celebrated writer's many rarely seen photographs. Renowned and highly regarded for his experiment...
Где купить книгу Taking Shots. The Photography of William S. Burroughs:

Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2014, 320 стр.

TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE: TIMELESS BUILDING FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY is a presentation of 130 architecture projects that reconsiders what it means to practice as a traditional architect in...
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Издательство "SKIRA", 2013, 144 стр.

LaFerrari: the official catalog dedicated to the latest masterpiece realized by the world-famous Italian brand. What lies behind the search for excellence in a sports car? This book reveals t...
Где купить книгу LaFerrari. Dynamic Art:
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Издательство "Tate", 2014, 232 стр.

The Commissar Vanishes offers a chilling look at how Joseph Stalin manipulated the science of photography to advance his own political career and to erase the memory of his victims. On S...
Где купить книгу The Commissar Vanishes. The Falsification of Photographs and Art:

Издательство "Penguin Books Ltd", 2014, 376 стр.

Punk Rock and Hip-Hop. Disco and salsa. The loft jazz scene and the downtown composers known as the Minimalists. In the mid-1970s, New York City was a laboratory where all the major styl...
Где купить книгу Love Goes to Buildings on Fire (Will Hermes):

Издательство "Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)", 2012, 232 стр.

A love letter to the cinema from the House of Dior, featuring legendary screen actresses in signature Dior. Embraced by Hollywood and the iconic women who are its stars, the fashions of ...
Где купить книгу Stars in Dior: From Screen to Streets (Muller Florence):
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Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2011, 192 стр.

Naked Architecture Valerio Paolo Mosco An account of one of the most interesting phenomena of contemporary architecture: the return to the structure and methods with which contemporary constructions are realized. Over the last ten years architecture would
Где купить книгу Naked Architecture (Mosco Valerio Paolo):

Издательство "Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup)", 2006, 304 стр.

A glorious celebration of the singular sophistication of English furniture, this lavishly illustrated volume features more than 150 objects from the world-class collection of Hyde Park A...
Где купить книгу Classic English Design and Antiques. Period Styles and Furniture:

Издательство "ACC Distribution", 2011, 600 стр.

Featured in this massive 600-page collection of residential architecture are houses as diverse in range and style as the countries in which they are located. From country estates to beachfront...
Где купить книгу 200 Houses (Mark Cleary):

Издательство "Bloomsbury Publishing", 2013, 304 стр.

Abbey Road studios have been on the cutting edge of recording for eighty years, hosting some of the biggest names in music over the decades: the Beatles, of course, who immortalized it w...
Где купить книгу Abbey Road: The Best Studio in the World (Lawrence Alistair):

Серия "DK Eyewitness Travel Guide"
Издательство "Dorling Kindersley", 2013, 552 стр.

The DK Eyewitness Caribbean Travel Guide is your indispensable guide to this beautiful part of the world. The fully updated guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the must-see site...
Где купить книгу Caribbean:

Серия "Mini Journals"
Издательство "Galison", 2013, 160 стр.

Яркий блокнотик с одной из картин ван Гога на обложке идеально подходит для коротких и быстрых заметок. Листы выполнены из белой офсетной бумаги в линейку. Блокнот плотно закрывается при...
Где купить книгу Mini Journals. Van Gogh Almond Blossoms:

Издательство "Antique Collectors", 2012, 328 стр.

Libertys Furniture 1875 -1915 provides the clearest and most comprehensive account of early Liberty furniture to date. A definitive work of reference, the volume outlines the companys...
Где купить книгу Liberty's Furniture 1875-1915. The Birth of Modern Interior Design:

Издательство "Antique Collectors", 2013, 592 стр.

The sheer complexity of the subject of European furniture, ranging through an enormous variety of styles with often only small regional differences, makes it unrealistic to cover it adeq...
Где купить книгу European Furniture of the 19th Century:

Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2012, 256 стр.

While internationally acclaimed artist Erik Parker has deep roots in alternative comics, illustration, and graffiti, his body of work successfully bridges that underground culture and th...
Где купить книгу Erik Parker. Colorful Resistence:

Издательство "Antique Collectors", 2013, 504 стр.

Why collect Russian stage designs? Why write about them? These questions are not rhetorical or idly academic. They have real historical, intellectual, and commercial relevance. Answer...
Где купить книгу Encyclopedia of Russian Stage Design 1880-1930. Volume 2:

Издательство "Yale University Press", 2014, 348 стр.

Long known as the father of British landscape painting, Richard Wilson was in fact at the heart of a profound conceptual shift in European landscape art. This magnificently illustrated v...
Где купить книгу Richard Wilson and the Transformation of European Landscape Painting:

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