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Серия "Phaidon Focus"
Издательство "MoMA", 2013, 146 стр.

The Phaidon Focus series presents engaging, up-to-date introductions to art's modern masters. Compact, affordable, and beautifully produced, the books in this growing series are written by top experts...
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Серия "Deluxe Collector's Edition"
Издательство "Abrams", 2013, 224 стр.

A quarter of a century after its initial publication and with well over a million copies in print worldwide, Brian Froud and Alan Lee's Faeries is an unquestioned classic. Now, Froud ...
Где купить книгу Faeries: Deluxe Collector's Edition (Brian Froud):

Издательство "MoMA", 2013, 256 стр.

Published in conjunction with a major exhibition organized by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in collaboration with The Menil Collection, Houston, and The Art Institute of Chicago, M...
Где купить книгу Magritte. The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926-1938:

Издательство "Prestel USA", 2013, твердый переплет, 224 стр.

Filled with dazzling color and dynamic forms, this comprehensive volume on Dale Chihuly, one of America's foremost artists working with glass, proves that the medium has transcended the decorative arts to beco...
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Издательство "Marsilio", 2013, 304 стр.

The other side of twentieth-century architectural history in Italy and Europe. The short-lived cultural journal Quadrante transformed the practice of architecture in fascist Italy. Over ...
Где купить книгу David Rifkind. Battle or Modernism:

Серия "Postcards From"
Издательство "Bodleian Library", 2008, 112 стр.

World War I has come down to us in indelible images-those of airplane bombers, bleak-eyed soldiers, stern-faced commanders, and the ruins of countless villages. But soldiers themselves a...
Где купить книгу Postcards from the Trenches. Images from the First World War:

Серия "Postcards From"
Издательство "Bodleian Library", 2009, 112 стр.

More than any preceding era, the twentieth century was defined by images. The widespread adoption of photography, the advent of film, and the increasing speed and ease of communications ...
Где купить книгу Postcards of Political Icons. Leaders of the Twentieth Century:

Издательство "Bodleian Library", 2012, 112 стр.

Between 1945 and 1961, an estimated 2.5 million people fled East Germany in search of the political and economic freedom offered by West Germany. To thwart this tide of defections, on th...
Где купить книгу Postcards from Checkpoint Charlie. Images of the Berlin Wall:

Издательство "Bodleian Library", 2013, 96 стр.

This enchanting, unique collection of postcards recovers an old world swept away and forgotten over the decades. The lost royals captured here have not been misplaced or gone missing - what ha...
Где купить книгу Postcards of Lost Royals:

Издательство "Laurence King", 2013, 256 стр.

This book offers a rare chance to read what graphic designers feel about their education and profession. Fifty influential designers give the low-down about their student days and the...
Где купить книгу I Used to Be a Design Student. 50 Graphic Designers Then and Now:

Серия "V&A Pattern V & A Pattern"
Издательство "V&A", 2013, 80 стр.

This attractive series reveals the V&A's spectacular and extensive pattern collections. Each title in the series includes a free CD of high resolution images. Modern British Designers tr...
Где купить книгу VandA Pattern. Modern British Designers (+ CD):

Серия "V&A Pattern V & A Pattern"
Издательство "V&A", 2013, 80 стр.

Liberty charts the development of a legendary company through its textile designs, from its beginnings in the Aesthetic movement through to Art Nouveau and the late twentieth century.
Где купить книгу VandA Pattern. Liberty and Co. (+ CD):

Издательство "Quadrille Publishing", 2013, 160 стр.

"The thing I am most proud of is my cut. Historically I have really contributed to the fashion vocabulary" Vivienne Westwood
Где купить книгу Vogue on Vivienne Westwood:

Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2013, 256 стр.

How to Read Fashion is a practical introduction to looking at the key fashion trends of the past two hundred years and how they relate to contemporary styles. Small enough to carry in...
Где купить книгу How to Read Fashion. A Crash Course in Styles, Designers, and Couture:

Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2012, 168 стр.

A captivating look at the career of social and style revolutionary Vidal Sassoon. A visionary hairstylist who became a household name, Vidal Sassoon was an instrument of change during th...
Где купить книгу Vidal Sassoon. How One Man Changed the World with a Pair of Scissors:

Издательство "Rizzoli US", 2013, твердый переплет, 340 стр.

A gorgeous tribute to the legendary shoe and accessories designs of Roger Vivier. Master designer Roger Vivier elevated both the form and decoration of ladies' shoes during his sixty-year career. His inna...
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Нет картинки

Издательство "Art Books", 2013, 304 стр.

Vladimir Tretchikoff (1913-2006) lived a life as colorful as his instantly recognizable paintings. Born to a deeply religious Siberian family, he fought poverty, tragedy, captivity and n...
Где купить книгу Incredible Tretchikoff. Life of an Artist and Adventurer:
Drawing Surrealism

Издательство "Prestel USA", 2012, 240 стр.

Drawing, often considered a minor art, was central to surrealism from the very beginning. Automatic drawing, exquisite cadavers, and frottage are just a few of the techniques invented by surrealists as means to tap into the subconscious realm. While...
Где купить книгу Drawing Surrealism:
Joaquim Gomis

Издательство "La Fabrica", 2012

The Oblique Gaze charts the career of Spanish photographer Joaquim Gomis (1902-1991), placing particular emphasis on his photoscopes, albums in which he developed a language somewhere between that of the cinema and of reportage to document the work of...
Где купить книгу Joaquim Gomis:

Издательство "Little, Brown and Company", 2012, 272 стр.

LOOKING AT ANSEL ADAMS is a personal and penetrating study that explores Ansel's life as an artist by looking closely at the stories behind 20 of his most significant images. Immediately recogni...
Где купить книгу Looking at Ansel Adams:

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