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Monet. The Ultimate Impressionist

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 1993, 176 стр.

Claude Monet transformed light and colour into art. In 1874 his Impression, Sunrise caused uproar among the critics and a revolution in painting. His inventiveness was inexhaustible: with the Haystacks, Poplars, Cathedrals and, finally, the enchanting...
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Underwater Archaeology

Серия "New Horizons"
Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 1996, 176 стр.

For centuries divers have been raising treasures from the sea. Today archaeologists can excavate at previously unimaginable depths, using sophisticated technology to provide invaluable information about our past. This book highlights the danger and...
Где купить книгу Underwater Archaeology (Jean-Yves Blot):
Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance Man (New Horizons)

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 1997, 160 стр.

An account of the life of Leonardo da Vinci, from his birth to his apprenticeship in Florence and work in Milan, Rome and Amboise. A self taught intellectual, he was endlessly curious about the physical world and his notebooks reveal a breadth of...
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Серия "New Horizons"
Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2002, мягкая обложка, 128 стр.

Antoni Gaudi and his inimitable fluid, organic style, is inextricably linked with the city of Barcelona. His spectacular buildings - among them the Guell Palace and the monumental La Sagrada ...
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Год издания: 2008, 256 стр.

Digital technology has revolutionized the way we produce and experience art today. Not only have traditional forms of art such as printing, painting, photography and sculpture been transf...
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Издательство "British Museum Press", 2006, 96 стр.

Cats were first domesticated - or, more likely, noticed a warm fireside and chose to domesticate themselves - many thousands of years ago. Over the centuries they have performed a useful role as...
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My Wonderful World of Fashion Postcard Book

Год издания: 2011, 30 стр.

Containing 30 detachable postcards of Nina Chakrabartis beautiful drawings from My Wonderful World of Fashion, this book is perfect for sharing your favourite fashion creations. Colour in and customize the cards and then send them to all your friends.
Где купить книгу My Wonderful World of Fashion Postcard Book (Nina Chakrabarti):
Another Fashion Book

Издательство "Steidl", 2009, 272 стр.

Где купить книгу Another Fashion Book (Jefferson Hack):

Издательство "Little, Brown and Company", 2011, твердый переплет, 344 стр.

With more than two hundred photographs - many rarely seen and some never before published - this is the most comprehensive collection of Ansel Adams' photographs of America's national pa...
Где купить книгу In the National Parks (Ansel Adams):
1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists

Издательство "Rockport Publishers", 2011, твердый переплет, 320 стр.

How much would a course on drawing cost given by the top 100 international manga artists? How much would they charge to share their most highly valued techniques? This book brings together 100 manga artists and asks each one to offer 10 practical tips...
Где купить книгу 1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists (Cristian Campos):

Издательство "ACC-distribution titles", 2010, мягкая обложка, 80 стр.

• Part of Scala's Director's/Curator's Choice series, a personal and engaging guide with a unique approach to the legacy of the art collector, circus entrepreneur and financier John Ringling and his wife Mable • Unique selections by the...
Где купить книгу The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Curator's Choice (Brilliant Virginia):

Издательство "ACC-distribution titles", 2011, твердый переплет, 288 стр.

Istanbul, city of contrasts, is a bubbling cultural metropolis. In the hip quarters of Tesvikiye und Nisantasi, which are the preferred districts of artists and designers, the range of artistic approaches and attitudes is ever-present. The new Turkish...
Где купить книгу Istanbul Fashion: A City and its Fashion Makers (Hesse Petra):
Rookwood Pottery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Gerald and Virginia Gordon Collection

Издательство "ACC-distribution", 1999, твердый переплет, 136 стр.

The Rookwood Pottery was probably the most famous company making art pottery in the United States in the late nineteenth century into the twentieth century, achieving an international reputation and consistently promoting artistic innovation. Proud...
Где купить книгу Rookwood Pottery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Gerald and Virginia Gordon Collection (Owen Nancy E.):

Серия "Masters of Art"
Издательство "Prestel Publishing Limite", 2012, мягкая обложка, 160 стр.

This generously illustrated volume on the work of Durer makes the world's greatest art accessible to readers of every level of appreciation. This monograph explores Durer's entire life a...
Где купить книгу Dürer. Masters of Art (Zuffi Stefano):

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2009, твердый переплет, 400 стр.

The photographs, drawings and texts published in this book are part of a collection of more than 3000 tattoos accumulated over a lifetime by prison attendant Danzig Baldaev. Tattoos were...
Где купить книгу Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Vol I (Baldaev Danzig):
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Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2009, твердый переплет, 304 стр.

Long considered a bastion of creativity in the region, Iran is currently experiencing a remarkable artistic revival in the middle of the most challenging of circumstances. Different Sames catalogues this new movement, capturing its brilliance and...
Где купить книгу Different Sames (Hossein Amirsadeghi):

Издательство "ACC Distribution", 2008, твердый переплет, 304 стр.

Где купить книгу Interiors '70 (De Benedetti Carla):

Издательство "SKIRA", 2005, 212 стр.

Controversial cult artist, enfant terrible of the art world, friend of Haring and Warhol, and both idol and a victim of the art scene of the '80s-Jean-Michel Basquiat was a legend in his...
Где купить книгу Jean-Michel Basquiat (Rudy Chiappini):

Издательство "Flammarion", 2009, 268 стр.

The first book on this leading interior designer, who has worked with Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino, and was named one of the world's most influential designers by Time magazine. Comb...
Где купить книгу Jacques Grange: Interiors (Pierre Passebon):

Год издания: 2011

Где купить книгу Basics Fashion Design 10: Designing Accessories (John Lau):

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