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Серия "Skira Mini ART Books"
Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2010, мягкая обложка, 96 стр.

The genius of Italian painting, symbol of grace and beauty, is considered one of the greatest and most popular artists of all time. An introduction to the life of the artist, with his maste...
Где купить книгу Raphael (Nicoletta Baldini):
How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World, Ever!

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2011, мягкая обложка, 144 стр.

My Monster Bubblewriter Book is an activity book to inspire and encourage creativity with both words and drawing. It teaches children how to create cool hand lettering, using their imaginations to create crazy alphabets from monster inspired scripts...
Где купить книгу How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World, Ever! (Linda Scott):

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2011, твердый переплет, 272 стр.

This book compiles contemporary designs worldwide that break through the stereotype of doctors practices as cold and often stressful environments. All projects aim at balancing medical t...
Где купить книгу Doctors' Practices (Michelle Galindo):

Издательство "Scriptum Editions", 2011, твердый переплет, 392 стр.

Стильно оформленное подарочное издание в тканевом переплете. Following the success of Laduree: Sucre, here is the second volume of neverbefore - published recipes from the legendary Laduree te...
Где купить книгу Laduree (Michel Lerouet):
The Printed Square. Vintage Handkerchief Patterns for Fashion and Design

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2012, твердый переплет, 256 стр.

In recent years, vintage handkerchiefs have been an unsung source of inspiration for many of the world's most exciting brands. This volume written by vintage clothing and textiles expert Nicky Albrechtsen, will appeal to collectors of printed...
Где купить книгу The Printed Square (Nicky Albrechtsen):
500x Art in Public. Masterpieces from the Ancient World to the Present

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2011, твердый переплет, 272 стр.

Works of art make a substantial contribution to cultural identification. When they are placed in a public place this function is enhanced. However the artworks also acknowledge other tasks: they figuratively announce content in their traditional role,...
Где купить книгу 500x Art in Public (Chris van Uffelen):
Fashion Design Drawing Course

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2012, мягкая обложка, 160 стр.

Где купить книгу Fashion Design Drawing Course (Jemi Armstrong):

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2012, мягкая обложка, 248 стр.

The most comprehensive survey to date of the drawings, watercolours, prints and designs of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, providing a fresh and intimate picture of the most popular and enduring group in the history of British art.
Где купить книгу Pre-Raphaelite Drawing (Colin Cruise):
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Год издания: 2009, 72 стр.

Где купить книгу Purple Desks (Matthias Schaller):
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Год издания: 2011, 328 стр.

Klaus Mettig has traveled through numerous countries since 1973 in his search for photographs that tell the stories of peoples lives, cultures and relationships to their histories. This book combines breathtaking panoramas of Asian cities with...
Где купить книгу Klaus Mettig:

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2009, 144 стр.

For this latest project, Steve Bloom has stepped away from the magnificent wildlife and landscape photography with which he made his name to create a unique portrait of the small traders o...
Где купить книгу Trading Places (Steve Bloom):

Год издания: 2009, 56 стр.

Claude Monet devoted the last 25 years of his career to paintings of the Japanese-style pond and gardens of his house in Giverny, France. Two of these luminous panels Reflections of Clou...
Где купить книгу Claude Monet: Water Lilies (Ann Temkin):
Ara Guler's Istanbul, Foreword By Orhan Pamuk

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2009, твердый переплет, 184 стр.

Альбом – красноречивое фотодосье повседневной жизни в Стамбуле 1940-1980 годов. Картины, попавшие в выверенный фокус обладателя не одной награды Ары Гюлера, - ока Станбула, как его еще называют – отражают меланхоличную эстетику города, балансирующую...
Где купить книгу Ara Guler's Istanbul:
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Год издания: 2010, 292 стр.

The Minerva watch manufacture, established in 1858 in Villeret, Switzerland, produces fine handmade watches in a time-honored fashion. The expertise, precision, and grand tradition of watchmaking has been passed down for generations. An important and...
Где купить книгу Writing Time (Franco Cologni):
Constantin Brancusi

Серия "MOMA Artist Series"
Издательство "MoMA", 2010, 48 стр.

The elegant and exquisitely shaped sculptures of Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) are easily among the most iconic sculptures created in the twentieth century. "There are those idiots who define my work as abstract," he once said; "yet...
Где купить книгу Constantin Brancusi (Carolyn Lanchner):
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Издательство "Aperture", 2010, 136 стр.

The photographs in Richard Misrachs Destroy This Memory are an affecting reminder of the physical and psychological impact of Hurricane Katrina as told by those on the ground, and seen through the lens of a contemporary master. Rather than simply...
Где купить книгу Richard Misrach: Destroy This Memory:
Cinema: Whole Story

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2011, мягкая обложка, 576 стр.

‘A great introduction to cinema’s long and varied tale, remaining well-written, accessible and clearly laid-out throughout’ – Empire ‘Bridges the gap between bedside favourite and desktop standby with admirable ease’– Total Film ‘Through cleverly...
Где купить книгу Cinema: The Whole Story (Philip Kemp):

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2012, твердый переплет, 832 стр.

While modern design often neglects cultural and artistic heritage in favor of minimalism, Siraudeau demonstrates that it isn't necessary to forgo tradition to create a fashionable home. ...
Где купить книгу French Flair (Sebastien Siraudeau):

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2012, мягкая обложка, 128 стр.

Unlike other packaging titles, which simply provide templates to copy, this book enables designers of all packaging types to create 3-D packaging forms that are specific to their needs r...
Где купить книгу Structural Packaging (Paul Jackson):

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2012, твердый переплет

This book captures the new mood a return to a preference for the unique and the handmade. Design expert and acclaimed blogger Olivier Dupon has sourced the cream of the contemporary desi...
Где купить книгу New Artisans: Handmade Designs for Contemporary Living:

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