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New York Dozen: Gen X Architects

Издательство "ACC Distribution", 2012, твердый переплет

From the celebrated author of Houses of God, Architecture for Architects and many other popular titles, comes this book on New York's most celebrated living architects, the latest new-generation practitioners. It also offers an exploration of the...
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Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2003, 496 стр.

Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele produced a prolific body of work before his early death in the flu epidemic of 1918 at the age of 28. His few hundred oils have often been reproduced and are well recognized, but he also created nearly 3000 drawings...
Где купить книгу Egon Schiele (Jane Kallir):

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2010, твердый переплет, 168 стр.

David Bailey flew to Afghanistan earlier this year to take photographs for auction to raise money for Help for Heroes, a charity that aims to help wounded servicemen and women returning from Afgh...
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War Posters

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 2011, мягкая обложка, 256 стр.

Now available in paperback, this book features over 250 full colour examples of the most eye-catching and iconic posters from the Imperial War Museums international collection, some of the m...
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Серия "The Manufacturing Guides"
Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2011, мягкая обложка, 192 стр.

Part of a new series built on the authority of Rob Thompsons highly acclaimed Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals, this book features new content selected specifically for the needs of students who create prototypes, designs for...
Где купить книгу Prototyping and Low-volume Production (Rob Thompson):

Издательство "State Russian Museum, Palace Editions", 2011, 128 стр.

Вашему вниманию предлагается прекрасно иллюстрированное издание "Alexey Morozov: Antologia" на английском языке. Алексей Морозов слишком молод, чтобы на собственном опыте убедит славе и велич...
Где купить книгу Alexey Morozov: Antologia:

Год издания: 2012, 1 стр.

Oscillating between the majesty of the Greco-Byzantine tradition and the modernity predicted by Giotto, Early Italian Painting addresses the first important aesthetic movement that would lead t...

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 1999, твердый переплет, 64 стр.

Susan Herbert's feline versions of famous paintings have found an appreciative audience among both cat and art lovers. Here, she brings her charming illustrations of cats to the subject ...
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Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 1979, 1896 стр.

The letters of Vincent van Gogh lay bare the events of his dramatic life, providing remarkable insight into the creative process, and touching revelations of his personal anguish. They are reproduced in these three volumes with over 200 ink drawings...
Где купить книгу The Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh:
Design for the Real World

Год издания: 1985, 418 стр.

Design for the Real World
Где купить книгу Design for the Real World (Victor Papanek):

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 1987, мягкая обложка, 224 стр.

Rudolf Wittkower deplored specialization. For him, it was the fact that art communicated experience which made it a rewarding study, and nothing fascinated him more than the way in which...
Где купить книгу Allegory and the Migration of Symbols (Rudolf Wittkower):

Год издания: 1992, 136 стр.

Hieroglyphs, the ingenious picture writing of the ancient Egyptians, are not only a beautiful and fascinating record of a bygone civilization, but also a treasury of puns, double meaning...
Где купить книгу Discovering Egyptian Hieroglyphs (Karl-Theodor Zauzich):

Год издания: 1995, 96 стр.

The Book of Kells is a masterpiece of medieval art-a brilliantly decorated version of the four Gospels with full-page depictions of Christ, the Virgin and the Evangelists as well as a we...
Где купить книгу The Book of Kells (Bernard Meehan):

Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 1995, 336 стр.

Unfamiliar texts from all periods are featured, from the treatise that inspired Van Gogh to physicians' scales of hair and urine colours, and fresh light is thrown on the hidden meanings...
Где купить книгу Colour and Culture (John Gage):
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Издательство "Арт-Родник", 1998, 224 стр.

The opening of the Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy in the late 1990s caused a public furore and a media frenzy, with both broadsheet and tabloid journalists falling over themselv...
Где купить книгу Sensation (Norman Rosenthal):
Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook

Год издания: 2003, 112 стр.

Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook
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Издательство "Thames & Hudson", 1999, мягкая обложка, 288 стр.

This splendid book explores the indigenous tradition of Art Deco in America and, in over 500 illustrations, reveals the beauty and extent of the style as it was manifested here. Most of ...
Где купить книгу American Art Deco (Alastair Duncan):
Lives of the Great Modern Artists

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2009, мягкая обложка, 368 стр.

In the era of celebrity culture, we are now more fascinated than ever with the lives of our leading artists. Creative personalities are always intriguing, and to learn something new about the greatest artists of the 20th and 21st centuries be they...
Где купить книгу Lives of the Great Modern Artists (Edward Lucie-Smith):

Издательство "Didier Millett", 2001, 96 стр.

The essence of London, both grand and intimate in scale, is captured beautifully in this book of over 150 watercolour paintings and pencil drawings.
Где купить книгу London Sketchbook (Graham Byfield):
Reading the Maya Glyphs

Издательство "Thames&Hudson", 2001, 176 стр.

The breaking of the Maya code has completely changed our knowledge of this ancient civilization, and has revealed the Maya people's long and vivid history. Decipherment of Maya hieroglyphic writing has progressed to the point where most Maya...
Где купить книгу Reading the Maya Glyphs (Michael D. Coe):

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