Fables Alive! (Shu Yan Poh)

Автор книги:Shu Yan Poh
Издательство:Книга по Требованию
Год издания книги:2011
Количество страниц:60
Обложка:мягкая обложка
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Описание книги
Fables are short stories featuring generally animals which are given human qualities. Handed down from generation to generation, the purpose of a fable is to teach a particular lesson, value or to give advice. The objective of my project is to promote fables as an effective channel to educate the young morally, particularly children of ages seven to nine years old. As a designer, I am looking into innovative and new ways of presenting fables, with the ultimate goal to arouse a greater interest in fables in young children today. This book contains my research and thesis for this project. Enjoy reading!

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