Bible Battles: Empowering Saints in the End Times (KIZITO MICHAEL GEORGE)

Издательство:Книга по Требованию
Год издания книги:2011
Количество страниц:584
Обложка:мягкая обложка
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The devil knows that the most important weapon a born again Christian has against his lies and vices is the holy word of God. Since Genesis, the devil has been using all kinds of ruses to sway man kind from trusting God''s holy word to trusting emotions and experiences. The devil has now infiltrated; churches , bible colleges, seminaries and Christian media in order to pervert God''s word and hence control the church. In today''s postmodern Christian church, 'born again'' Christians are fed on perverted music and hype more than the substance of the word of God. Very few Christians spend enough time studying and meditating about the word of God. The so called Christian Television channels spend a lot of time on secular entertainment than the word of God. Many Christians can longer differentiate between sound and un sound doctrine. I have discovered that 'born again'' Christians in Africa use the Good News bible; but they are un bothered by John 1:42, which categorically says that...

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