Smoothies, Smoothies & More Smoothies! (Leah Shomron, Hanni Borowski)

Автор книги:Leah Shomron, Hanni Borowski
Год издания книги:2014
Количество страниц:144
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Описание книги
Smoothie enthusiasts are treated to timeless classics like Orange-Ginger Delight; yummy health boosters, such as Very Berry Vanilla, Minty Watermelon, and Pomegranate Punch; sweet treats with chocolate; and cocktail hour delights with a spike. The fun begins with a blender, ice, and assorted other ingredients - fruits, vegetables, nuts, granola, yogurt, ice cream, or almost any other favorite. Basic, easy-to-follow instructions on using the blender, getting the right texture, and maintaining the right proportion between solids, liquids, and frozen components help assure a perfect result. But the proof of a smoothie lies in the taste, and the selection here is sensational, with tropical flavors that are fresh and refreshing; a carob and banana combo that can be made vegan with almond milk; a light Lovingly Lemon thirst-quencher for those watching their weight; a Melon Marmalade Medley that's absolutely magical; and so many more.

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