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Издательство "Constable & Robinson Ltd", 2014, 224 стр.

This book will show you how to preserve our wonderful spring, summer and autumn harvests, so that you can enjoy nature's bounty even in the sparser months. From drying, bottling and freezin...
Где купить книгу Traditional Country Preserving (Diana Peacock):

Издательство "Constable & Robinson Ltd", 2014, 160 стр.

For the a novice this book provides the principles of successful jam making and for the more experienced jam maker there are recipes, not only for the usual fruit and vegetables but for mor...
Где купить книгу How To Make Jams, Pickles and Preserves (Cyril Grange):

Издательство "Ten Speed Press", 2014

Pizza is one of the world's most well-known and beloved foods, and everyone has their favorite style. In fact, devotion to one particular style is so ubiquitous that most pizza books only c...

Издательство "Gibbs Smith, Publisher", 2014, 128 стр.

If necessity is the mother of invention, a college student's food budget certainly led to the invention of some delicious ways with one of the least expensive, most convenient packaged foods o...
Где купить книгу I Love Ramen (Toni Patrick):

Издательство "Ten Speed Press", 2014

Packed with authentic Indian dishes that require minimal active cooking time, The New Indian Slow Cooker presents meat-based and vegetarian favorites such as Makhni Chicken (in a tomato-but...

Серия "GoodFood"
Издательство "BBC Books", 2014, 216 стр.

Hot and spicy, mild, creamy and comforting, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian - the word 'curry' encompasses a huge variety of exciting dishes. With long lists of spices and unfamiliar ingredients, it...
Где купить книгу Best-ever Сurries:

Издательство "Penguin Group, Fig Tree", 2014, 320 стр.

The best Indian food is cooked (and eaten) at home. Real Indian food is fresh, simple and packed with flavour and in this book, Meera Sodha introduces Britain to the food she grew up eating...
Где купить книгу Made in India: Cooked in Britain: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen (Meera Sodha):

Серия "GoodFood"
Издательство "BBC Books", 2014, 216 стр.

It's always difficult to balance a hectic schedule with tasty, healthy meals, so it helps to have foolproof recipes that you can rely on to provide delicious food in no time. With this in mind, the team...
Где купить книгу 30 minute suppers:

Издательство "Penguin Group", 2006, 280 стр.

Discover quick and tasty dishes in Nigel Slater's "The 30-Minute Cook". Quick, delicious meals from across the world with ingredients available from your local supermarket - all prepared wi...
Где купить книгу The 30-Minute Cook (Nigel Slater):

Издательство "Houghton Mifflin Harcourt", 2014, 1056 стр.

The secret to cooking fast is cooking smart - how you choose and prepare ingredients and use your time in the kitchen. In HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING FAST, Mark Bittman's latest innovative, comp...
Где купить книгу How to Cook Everything Fast: A Better Way to Cook Great Food (Mark Bittman):

Издательство "Houghton Mifflin Harcourt", 2014, 192 стр.

This is an irresistible guide to simple, delicious, gluten-free recipes made in thirty minutes or less. As a top gluten-free teacher and writer, Carol Fenster knows what cooks need: easy re...
Где купить книгу 100 Best Quick Gluten-Free Recipes (Carol Fenster):

Издательство "Медицина", 1990, 64 стр.

Факсимильное издание с оригинала 1894 г. Представляет собой по сути руководство по приготовлению вегетарианской пищи. Содержит конкретные рецепты не строгого вегетарианства (абсолютного отказа не тольк...
Где купить книгу Обеды вегетарiанца:

Серия "Usborne First Cookbooks"
Издательство "Usborne Publishing Ltd.", 2013, 48 стр.

This is a cookbook packed full of mouth-watering Christmas recipes for cakes, biscuits and treats. Recipes include chocolate orange hearts, mince pies, white chocolate brownies and spiced a...
Где купить книгу Christmas Baking Book for Children (Fiona Patchett):

Издательство "Square Peg", 2014, 112 стр.

These quick and easy festive recipes will fill your home with Christmas sparkle. Make your own edible gifts - from Red Robin Lollypops to Snowball Truffles.br> Create simple party canapes a...
Где купить книгу Christmas on a Plate (Emma Marsden):

Год издания: 2014

Christmas time is all about tradition, from the songs we sing to the food we eat, but, from mince pies to Christmas pudding, the food of Christmas could always benefit from extra help to ma...
Где купить книгу Primrose Bakery Christmas (Swift, Martha):

Издательство "Lantern Books", 2013, 360 стр.

If you have ever wondered what Maggie Beer's lucky guests are treated to for the Christmas feast, New Year's Eve celebrations or after a day's crabbing at Port Parham, then you'll find the ...
Где купить книгу Maggie's Christmas (Maggie Beer):

Издательство "Little, Brown and Company", 2014, 576 стр.

Throughout time, people have chosen to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet for a variety of reasons, from ethics to economy to personal and planetary well-being. Experts now suggest a new reas...
Где купить книгу The Vegetarian Flavor Bible (Karen Page):

Издательство "Мир", 1985, 174 стр.

Украинская кухня - поэтическая и пестрая, роскошная и повседневная, сытная и легкая - одна из самых "домашних", семейных и излюбленных в мире. Нет такого человека, который бы никогда не ел ...
Где купить книгу Ukrainische Kuche (Schalimow S. A., Schadura J. A.):

Издательство "Государственная публичная историческая библиотека России", 2014, 280 стр.

"Новая поваренная книга..." Христиана Криста впервые вышла в Лейпциге в 1770 г., а в русском переводе с немецкого - в 1775-м. Переводчик капитан артиллерии Александр Соковнин адаптировал кн...
Где купить книгу Новая поваренная книга с наставлениями, как всякие кушанья и хлебенное приготовлять и разные ягодники варить (Андрей Христиан Крист):

Издательство "Elliot Right Way Books", 2014, 224 стр.

Healthy food on a sensible budget is important to many of us today but in Southern Italy, la cucina povera has been a philosophy for generations. These are delicious, filling recipes that w...
Где купить книгу Southern Italian Family Cooking: Simple, Healthy and Affordable Food from Italy's Cucina Povera (Carmela Sophia Sereno, Carmela Hayes):

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